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Designing a badge properly is a complex thing, at least it should be. If you don't believe us you should check out the research model we use to make decisions when we create custom versions of Badge Forge. Each decision point in the model can have a strong influence on how a badge affects behavior and learning. The benefit of Badge Forge is that issuers and earners are not beholden to a single set of badges. If a badge or series of badges are not yielding the desired results just scrap them and make some new ones. We see every badge as a little experiment. Each success and failure makes our knowledge of badge systems stronger. That strengthening of our collective knowledge is driven by our community's willingness to share what they have been using the Badge Forge to accomplish.

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Forge Infestation Extermination! Since our launch there have been reports of small bug infestations in the forge (this is not surprising since we are still in beta). Thanks to reports from helpful users these bugs have been exterminated. The Badge Forge administrators would like to send out their thanks.

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